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Every instrument has a story​. We are proud to manage a wonderful and diverse collection of instruments, the value of which currently exceeds $1.9 million. 



Nestor Audimont 1890

Douglas C. Cox

Cox 1993

Cox 2009

Cox 2009

Cox 2018

Cox 2015

Cox 2019

Grumbaugh & Seifert

Grumbaugh & Seifert 2012

Grumbaugh & Seifert 2013


Raymond Schryer 2001



Andrea Castegnari 1775

Caussin School 1880

David Caron 1996

David Caron 1997

Josef Potzl 1993

Karel Vavra 1933

Nathan Slobodkin 2005

Oded Kishony 1998

Oded Kishony 1998

Peter Goodfellow 2008

Roger Lanne 1999

Roger Lanne 2000

Roger Lanne 2001

School Collections/Other

Opportunity Music Project (New York, NY)

New Song Community Learning Center (Baltimore, MD)

Salvation Army Music Project (Independence, MO)

Waynesboro Symphony String Program (Waynesboro, VA)

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