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From Scholars:


"I cannot express how grateful I am to have this viola on loan. When I was an undergraduate, my lessons were a constant battle to get sound out of my instrument. The constant experimentation with strings, adjustments, bows... nothing worked. After playing on this... viola, my playing has evolved to places I never could have hoped for..."


"Beyond words! I have surpassed all expectations that I set forth for myself and have had myriad opportunities. The instrument really brings out all of my strongest qualities and allows for a great range of color, depth, and tone…  I've gotten high praise for the sound and how well it projects in any room. I would love to continue working with it so that I can go to Curtis or Juilliard next year..."


"The... violin (from Virtu)... is so smooth and resonant, I feel like my abilities have improved so much since I got it as well as improving the quality of my performances and auditions. I have had some successful auditions that I don't think would have been if it weren't for this violin. I've loved playing it and getting to know it and it has inspired me to practice more and work harder!"


"Your generosity has helped make it possible for me to begin the career of my dreams. Many young musicians are held back from their full potential by an instrument that cannot convey the range of sonorities and colors that exist in their imagination; as a Virtu scholar, I do not have that problem. The violin... that I have had the pleasure to play for the last few years has a palette of colors from sparkling brilliance to deep warmth, and it always feels as though it has a cushion of extra power if the need arises. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to practice, perform, and develop as an artist with an instrument of such depth and nuance. Thank you so much..."


"The (Virtu) instrument has given me a voice like nothing in my life ever has! I'll never forget the support you have given me!"


I was so enthusiastic about my viola, my quartet partners had to pry the instrument from my hands. I just wanted to keep playing." 




From Teachers:


"My student would not be succeeding without the Virtu Foundation's help. Thank you for making the viola available to her and for supporting so many deserving musicians. The doors you have opened for these young artists by loaning them appropriate tools represent major turning points in their lives." - Heidi Castleman, Juilliard Professor


"To succeed, every musician needs three elements: passion, hard work and opportunity. Due to difficult circumstances, countless families are unable to afford the high cost of private music lessons, which are essential for any aspiring classical musician. The Opportunity Music Project locates dedicated families with a child interested in music and offers them the opportunity to take private music lessons." - Jessica Garand, Director, The Opportunity Music Project






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