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Greyson Geisness






Interlochen Arts Academy



Greyson Geisness is a rising violist born in California, raised in Florida and now attending school in Michigan.   Until 11th grade, Greyson homeschooled and immersed himself in music the Tampa Bay area.  There he was taught under the auspices of Mr. Lei Liu of The Florida Orchestra.  He was principal viola in the Pinellas County Youth Orchestra and the invitation-only Serenade Strings.  Additionally, he occasionally played for the University of Tampa Symphony Orchestra and was concertmaster in his local high school orchestra.  He enjoyed performing in quartets and as a featured soloist at numerous events, playing on both violin and viola.  Greyson won several awards, including ones from the Charleston International Music Competition, OPUS Music Competition, International Great Composers Competition, and the National Federation of Music Clubs.  He taught violin and volunteered his musical talent for several organizations.  During the summers, he enjoyed music programs such as Philadelphia International Music Festival and the renown Castleman Quartet Program.  Greyson has enjoyed performing for several master classes including ones for Rachel Ku (Philadelphia Orchestra), Carol Rodland (Juilliard), David Harding (Carnegie Mellon), Charles Castleman (Frost School of Music), Matsumi Rostad (Eastman School of Music), Michael Ouzounian (Pricipal Viola Metropolitan Opera-ret.), Cristian Macelaru (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra music director) and Jodi Levitz (Frost School of Music). 


Last summer started a big year for Greyson.  With a passion to become a professional musician, he applied to the esteemed Interlochen Arts Academy, where he was accepted with generous scholarship.  He also became a Virtu Foundation scholar, generously allowing him to perform on his current instrument, an Oded Kishony viola.  Going from homeschooling in Florida to a music intensive boarding school in Michigan was a huge change but Greyson enjoyed every moment of it.  During that year he was named a finalist in the Lyra Music Youth Competition, he is currently waiting to compete in the finals at the Panama City Symphony Emerging Artists Competition, and he won First Place in the National Wendell Irish Viola Competition.  He was honored to be invited to perform for the NFMC National Conference and won a spot in a chamber music intensive in Siena Italy where he collaborated with Italian conservatory students from the Institute of Musical Studies "Rinaldo Franci".   Additionally, he played on Interlochen Public Radio and has been principal viola of the Interlochen Academy Orchestra.  At Interlochen, Greyson performed in various ensembles and collaborated with artists and musicians from a variety of genres.  For instance, he performed in an octet, in a trio for guitar, violin and viola, and for pop artist John Tehti, in "She Understands", soon to be released on Spotify.   Connections and work went beyond the doors of Interlochen, also.  For example, he performed in collaboration with Juilliard pre-college, in the debut for a commissioned orchestral work composed by Mary Watkins, as a part of the Kayden Music Commissioning Program in efforts to create new works by composers from diverse heritages. Greyson has truly enjoyed growing as a musician at the Academy, where he studies under the guidance of Professor Renee Skerik, and with whom he was awarded the position of Teacher's Assistant.



When Greyson is back home in Florida, he continues to volunteer at his local library, where he created "Find Your Musical Superpower" to help young children learn about the joys of music.  He also enjoys skimboarding, snowboarding and tennis.  He is excited to apply to conservatories in the fall and ready take his next big step towards his goal of being a professional violist.

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