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Enoria Li



Instrument: Violin





Enoria Li is an Ann Arbor based violinist came from China. She obtained Master in Violin Performance and Master in Chamber Music Performance under the instruction of Danielle Belen at the University of Michigan fully funded by the Dorothy Richard Starling Foundation. Before Enoria came to the states, she made her remarks in various competitions in China such as CCTV violin and piano competition, 2018 American music Legacy open competition, 2016 Cultural String competition…  After came to the state, she is frequently invited to be the featured soloist in various concerts and conferences worldwide. 

Enoria is enthusiastic in performing and teaching young adults. She hopes to use her music and gift to create a resourceful community where more students can access quality music education.  She is using 1760 Carcassi violin founded by Virtu Foundation currently. 

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