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Our mission is simple, to provide high quality violins, violas and cellos to advanced students and pre-professionals whose future careers would benefit from having access to a better instrument. We serve as a conduit, connecting instrument donors to talented artists across the country.




Violins donated to the Foundation are evaluated and placed with a young musician for whom the instrument is suitable.  Donors of violins receive a tax benefit equal to the value of the instrument. The careers of the musicians may be followed on the Foundation website. Legacy Scholarship to honor individuals or causes may be created.

The Foundation will accept, by loan, violins suitable for advanced level young musicians.  No tax benefits accrue upon the loan of an instrument but instrument owners receive the great satisfaction of seeing their fine instruments benefit a young musician.  Violins loaned to the Foundation are fully insured, annually inspected and carefully maintained.  



If you wish more information about donating or lending an instrument please contact us below.

Thank you for your inquiry! Message sent.

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