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Providing young musicians with fine instruments since 1998.


When Curtis Peterson, the president of The Virtu Foundation and an enthusiastic amateur cellist, replaced his long-held student cello with a better one, he discovered the shockingly high cost of string instruments. How, he asked, do young musicians balance funding their musical education with the soaring cost of instruments? What he found was that many talented young musicians were playing on instruments that severely limited their growth. The cost of instruments was often the problem.
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Carr, Molly
“I was so enthusiastic about my viola my quartet partners had to pry the instrument from my hands.
I just wanted to keep playing” Scholar Molly Carr. View Full Profile

“The (Virtu) instrument has given me a voice like nothing in my life ever has!….I’ll never forget the support you have given me!” Scholar James Zabawa View Full Profile

castleman“My student would not be succeeding without the Virtu Foundation’s help. Thank you for making the viola available to her and for supporting so many other deserving musicians. The doors you have opened for these young artists by loaning them appropriate tools represent major turning points in their lives.” Heidi Castleman Julliard Teacher.

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“Since receiving the Virtu violin in the summer…I have taken some significant steps in my musical career. I played the instrument for two solo recitals, five chamber recitals, a concerto with orchestra and six University Orchestra concerts. The violin helped me earn the concertmaster chair of the University’s Orchestra where I had the opportunity to perform a variety of concertmaster solos.” Scholar Alexander Corbett. View Full Profile
To succeed, every musician needs three elements: passion, hard work and opportunity. Due to difficult circumstances, countless families are unable to afford the high cost of private music lessons, which are essential for any aspiring classical musician. The Opportunity Music Project locates dedicated families with a child interested in music and offers them the opportunity to take private music lessons. Jessica Garand, Director.